How do I sign in using Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)?

If you are an account Administrator, you will be prompted to complete a quick Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) process whenever you sign into your desktop Centtrip account. This provides additional security to your account:


Authenticate using Email

Simply click the EMAIL button after signing in and check your inbox for an eight-digit verfification code. Enter this code into your desktop account where prompted and click NEXT to complete the MFA process and access your account.

Authenticate using the Centtrip App

  1. Download the Centtrip app for iOS or Android, and sign with your desktop login details.
  2. Tap MULTI-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION from the app dashboard and then LINK DEVICE. You'll only need to do this once.
  3. Moving forwards, whenever you sign into your desktop account you can select MOBILE APP as your verification method and retrieve your 8 digit code from the app.

Please note - cardholders are not required to complete this process to sign into the app.

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