What is 3D secure?

3 Domain Secure (3DS) is a security measure for online payments which provides additional protection against fraud.

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Where can I find the password required to authenticate my online transaction?

You can find this password in the app, by tapping '3D Secure' within the settings menu.

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How do I use the 'Projects' feature to automatically label expenses?

Save time when managing and reconciling expenses by creating 'Projects' - your custom project label (as well as its associated accounting code) will be automatically assigned to any expenses incurred within a specified time period, for one or more selected cards.

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How do I review my account list and update card delivery details?

Sign into your Centtrip account and visit the *ACCOUNT LIST* section.

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How do I edit a cardholder's limits and permissions?

Account Administrators can instantly edit the limit and permissions for any cardholder,

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What are my fees?

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How do I add funds to my Account?

You can send funds to your Centtrip account by wire transfer or ACH payment.

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How do I move funds between my Operating Accounts?

If you are a Corporate Super Administrator (CSA) you can move funds between your accounts using the 'Quick Transfer' feature on the 'MASTER DASHBOARD'.

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