Can I use Centtrip for payments and foreign exchange?

Yes! Once this service has been enabled for your account, you will have direct access to the live FX market and can convert over 130 currencies at competitive rates. Place spot, same-day or forward trades and market orders effortlessly within your account.

Purchased currency can be used to make fast and secure international payments, without the hefty banking fees. Alternatively, convert multi-currency revenue streams back into USD and transfer to your Centtrip account or cards.

US - FX & Payments

Get Started

Sign into your Centtrip account and click on 'PAYMENTS & FX' in the left-hand menu. If you are not taken to the payments & FX dashboard, it means either that this service has not yet been enabled for your account, or you do not have the relevant access rights. To find out more and request access, please contact your Centtrip account manager or email Client Support.

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