How do I get access to the payments and foreign exchange service?

To request access, please contact your Centtrip account manager or email

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How do I check my card limits in the app?

As a cardholder, you can check your withdrawal and card spend limits easily using the Centtrip app.

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My card doesn't seem to be working, what should I do?

Follow these steps to verify your card does not have an issue...

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How do I contact Centtrip?

The best way to contact us is via email –

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What are multi-currency holding accounts?

Centtrip's multi-currency holding accounts allow you to receive & hold foreign funds without the hassle of opening foreign bank accounts, saving time & money.

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How do I switch between my different Centtrip accounts?

If you are an Administrator on more than one Centtrip account, you can switch between them easily.

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